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Clearing Older Stock

May 20th, 2017 

Starting May 20th, 2017 until sold out.....

We're clearing out some older tile and low quantity numbers.  These are LOT PURCHASES.  You must take the pallet deals only.  You cannot select x number of boxes like our regular closeouts boxes.  Let us be clear - you can buy whatever quantity you want from our master inventory list.....but in these special clearance deals, you must take the pallet(s).


These pallet deals will have square footage prices as low as 30 cents.  But to be clear, the prices are not guaranteed amounts in the pallet deals.  It's one price for that deal.  What you yield is your calculation.

If you are doing a bathroom or small project for your home, these are probably not for you.  These special clearance deals are best for FLIPPERS, RENTAL OWNERS, or people with many tile jobs per year.  You simply buy these deals because the price is so dirt cheap....and then find a project for the tile later.  Or maybe you'll be lucky and find a pallet deal that will do a current job?!

We do this clearance about 2x a year now.  There is no set schedule and no list to join.  

Over 50% of the clearance deals are already gone....but there are still 10 or more pallet deals as of this writing.

The clearance deals are located outside our main warehouse doors.  There are no clearance deals inside the main tile inventory.

If you buy a pallet deal, it will sit in its spot until you pick it up.  We will not move it indoors....it's yours.

As always, no tile returns and no holds.  Pay for it and it's yours!  Most pallet deals are 200-1000sqft.  The prices range from $64 to $499 with average being about $150-200.  The inventory in the pallet deals have been removed from the site - so there are no pictures to review.  Some pallets are one color only and a few pallets have 3-4 colors/styles.

We will remove this page in 2 weeks or if the pallet deals sell-out.