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Truck Special


We are clearing out some tile with greater quantity.  We have 3 specials.  Please call to discuss these prices.

  1. 1 truck 10,000sqft of whatever color we want to load - 2-5 colors.  
  2. 1 truck 10,000sqft of 1 color #168.  
  3. 1 truck 10,000sqft of random colors.  Short lots, etc.  This would be many single pallets, end of colors, etc.  But also some colors with 2+ pallets.  

FULL TRUCKS ONLY.  If you want partial trucks or to pick colors/styles/sizes, then visit our inventory page and buy from it.  If you have some crazy idea you will pick the tile for this price, keep watching the sky for Santa this Christmas.  These prices are not negotiable and final price will be determined by sqft loaded.

If you are a builder, flipper, restaurant, rental property, and just looking for a low cost option, this deal might be for you.  

Payment is accepted via check, bank transfer, or cash.  Credit cards will be charged +3% for this special deal.  We will not ship the tile until payment has cleared.  You can arrange your own transportation.