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Shipping Tile


We are now shipping tile orders of 2000sqft+

The minimum order is 2000sqft.  If you need 1500sqft, buy 2000sqft and sell the rest.
LIMITED SELECTION - WHOLESALE FULL TRUCK DEALS - click link to visit that page

We are not doing standard LTL - less than a truckload shipping due to the possibility of damage with the carriers.  We are only doing direct point to point delivery.  What this means is the we load the truck at our business and it goes directly to your destination.  There is no off and on loading at various points along the way - no stacking, crushing, banging, scooting, etc.  

August 2016 UPDATE
We can possibly ship a TRUCK PARTIAL LOAD.  This is still a direct shipment without offloading, but the carrier will attempt to load another shipment going in your direction.  In this scenario, you could get 2000-6000 sqft and save 20-30% off the rates published here.  In addition, this type of delivery must be flexible on the timeframe.  Once the order is placed, it can be a few days for a broker to arrange a truck schedule and then the driver has more or less 7 days to run the delivery.  So this can be 10-14 days before the tile arrives.  The Direct Point To Point delivery (discussed below) will arrive much sooner.

We realize this limits many sales, but we are also not set-up for smaller orders.  And in many cases, 2000sqft of tile on a direct point to point delivery will increase the square foot price significantly - it just depends on how you look at it and your location.

Basically, in a point to point delivery, you are renting the entire truck.  We can ship 2000sqft or 10,000sqft and the price is still the same.  You are paying for the truck and miles.  This is different than a normal LTL freight shipment where the items are off loaded at a terminal, moved around, loaded again, taken to another terminal along the way, offloaded again, moved around, loaded again and off to another terminal or the final truck for delivery.  At each point, the chance of damage is increased.  LTL trucking is also priced according to weight and distance.  The problem we see with LTL freight delivery and tile could be damaging 10-30% of the sqft that makes the job impossible to finish?  It's just not worth the risk.

In a direct point to point delivery, we will load the truck.  And that is it.  The next stop is your place.  In this type of delivery, we believe the damage to be your basic 2-3%.  We are guessing this 2-3% to be the loading of the tile at the manufacture or off/on at our location.  Remember, each time that forklift touches a pallet the chances of damage increase.  The damaged tile still has value as it is used for corners or ends. 

Ideally, the more sqft you buy, the lower the sqft in delivery.  Here are some examples.  The rates quoted are April 2016 and trucking rates change every few weeks.  You will need to call or email for an exact rate, but we do have examples.  The minimum daily truck rate is $600 - so it doesn't get any cheaper than that.  

As you can see from the spreadsheet, the rates to CHICAGO can range from 40 cents to 8 cents per sqft in shipping price.  And in most cases, the additional 40 cents in shipping is still very cost effective in saving you money!  In fact, some tiles cost $5-7 sqft, so buying a tile for $1.50 and adding .40 cents in shipping is still a very solid savings.

We do not collect sales tax on shipments that have a final destination outside of Kentucky.  Yet, if you pick-up the tile, KY sales tax of 6% does apply - even though you are going out of state.  We didn't make the rules.  So there is some savings shipping the tile.  Example, a Cincinnatian wants to buy 3000sqft at $1.19 for $3570.  The sales tax would be $214.20 and they must arrange their truck rental, gas, and time - which could easily be $400-500.  Or they could have it shipped for a flat $600.  You do the analysis and decide what is best.

Let's talk about the negatives
You can't easily add a boxes if short or the cuts didn't turn out as planned.
This has got to be the biggest fear in buying closeout tile.....coming up short on your job.  It is not like running down to the nearest store and grabbing a few more boxes.  If this happened and you needed some additional boxes, we could ship a few boxes via standard LTL and we accept no claims or responsibility.  You pay whatever the LTL shipping rate is to your location.  We only offer this as emergency backup for customers that have purchased a truck.  We will not LTL a few boxes to customers who have not purchased a truck.

When buying tile it is generally assumed to buy 10% extra due to cuts.  If you are buying SECONDS (Second Choice), then add another 10%.  If you are doing patterns, borders, etc, add more waste.  Ultimately, you must consult your tile installer.  We will not accept any responsibility to estimate your job.  We don't even want to know about the job .....just tell us the sqft.  We strongly advise people shipping tile to buy more than they need.  You can easily sell the remaining 100-500sqft on Craigslist for people wanting to do a kitchen or bath and possibly make a small profit doing so.

I am shipping to a home/residence/business without a loading dock or forklift
Good luck with that.....porcelain is heavy and each box weighs 60lbs+.  The pallets are 2000-3000lbs each.  When the truck arrives you have 2 hours to unload it all.  The driver will sit in their truck.  They won't move a pallet/box and it's not their job.  You are responsible for the entire offload.  If it runs over 2 hours, the hourly rate is $50 an hour - and you will likely make the driver mad.  You must be prepared to offload the tile.  If you are doing it by hand, then make sure you have able-bodied people ready to go!