Kentucky Tile Closeouts Accept Credit Cards And Cash
10 New Trucks Or Premum Poreclain Tile
  • Monday-Saturday / 9am-6pm

Keep Calm And Open For Business As Usual

In this extraordinary time, we are currently open under Executive Order 2020-26 dated March 22, 2020 as a building material supplier.

Our large warehouse provides ample social distancing and extra efforts to clean the counter frequently are conducted.  In addition, handles on the push carts are cleaned every time they visit the counter.  We are also asking that customers take our free pens for credit card signatures and not reused. It is our belief, with diligent and smart precautions, you can safely visit, purchase, and go. 

Our business with 60,000sqft rarely has more than 2-3 couples at one time.  Home Depot, Sam's, and the grocery will have more customers than our location.

Furthermore, it is possible to enter our warehouse through the overhead doors, browse, and not touch a thing. If you want to purchase tile, then load it up, or ask us to move it with the forklift.  Technically, we are a self-service warehouse; you won't offend us if you want to load your own boxes.

Demand is down, but customers are still browsing and purchasing.  We know you are focused on the home and thinking of home projects and will we try and keep the doors open as long as possible.  

Monday - Saturday 9am to 6pm
Closed Sunday