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Marazzi, Ragno, Fiandre, Iris, Stonepeak, and many more

13x13, 12x24, 20x20, 24x24, 18x36 and wood tile 6x36 & 9x36
Many new sizes arriving.....check master inventory list.

Starting at .49 sqft with the average being about .99sqft.  Some super premium tile is $2+
Our prices are full boxes only and we do not sell individual tiles. It is suggested to buy 10-20% extra due to cuts, waste, and breakage. 

All SAMPLES are $5 each regardless of price or size.  You purchase the sample and it can be used as credit on a purchase - with or without the sample return.  Therefore, if you buy 3 samples, you have a $15 credit to be used on any particular purchase.  We don't give free samples nor "check-out" samples to be returned.

Some tile is priced per pallet.  

The complete inventory of the TILE PALLET BUYS is not featured on our site.  We will not split or sell part of the pallet buys.  Please don't ask. Tile pallet buys might be the end of a style/color or just because butterflies can fly.

Please realize if you are buying a TILE PALLET BUY or all our quantity of a particular style/color/etc, we have NO MORE!  We are not a normal tile store.  We only receive closeouts.  These are serious real discounts.  Please buy/plan for extra.  And do not start a job without checking the boxes first......do not assume all the boxes are perfect.  You will have some busted pieces/boxes.  This should be calculated in your 10-20% extra.

VISA, MC, AMEX, CASH - no checks

.10 discount if you take the remaining qty - if we have 540 sqft in stock, it means 540 sqft. To qualify for the discount every sqft of this color/style must be purchased.
.05 discount if you purchase 1000sqft or more (mix and match is ok).
.05 discount for cash
Prices are firm

The discount for PALLET BUYS is slightly different.  Since we are unsure of exact quantity, we have adjusted the discount to be 5% and 5%.

Credit card payments are processed under Teak Closeouts, LLC

Cash Discount
We simply offer the cash discount versus credit card payment for an additional discount.  It is now allowed by credit card companies (via a lawsuit) to offer discounts on cash versus credit cards.  In the past, it technically was not allowed to offer an incentive to pay cash or debit card to reduce their fees.

Sales Tax is collected on all purchases and receipts are given on all purchases - including cash!

We do not load. You must bring help. We can forklift full pallets into your truck or trailer and we can forklift the pallet to your truck/trailer. This is highly recommended and what 90% of the customers do.  If you want to bring a Camry, fine, it's your time.

Please realize the pallets are deceiving and most weigh 2500lbs+.  

 We do not have employees on staff to load the tile.

If you need full service, there are many great tiles shops in Lexington including Mees Tile, The Tile Shop, and Lexington Tile.  This might seem like we are not very friendly and this is not the case.  We are simply not employing additional staff on an 8-hour daily basis to load tile.  We run a tight ship and our primary business is fulfilling internet orders for our teak internet business.  As minimum wages creep higher, services are cut.  It is that simple.  Soon we will order our fast food from a touch-screen kiosk.

We do not deliver.

Teak Closeouts - KY Tile Closeouts
359 Thompson Rd
Lexington, Ky. 40508
If you need directions to the store, click the link above that says MAP.

2017 HOURS
Special Sunday hours throughout the spring & summer months.  Check Google in spring & summer to see if open Sunday. 

If you have paid for tile (and ready to pickup), it is best to call ahead and give us a small warning you are coming.
It is not required, but it does help us prepare.

If you are traveling several hours to view or purchase the tile, please call beforehand and confirm the inventory or ask we simply hold a particular style/selection for the day.  We attempt to update the tile inventory daily, but sometimes the inventory may be a few days old.

We will hold your tile purchase for up to 30 days.  We will not hold a tile style without full payment.  We do not accept deposits on purchases.

All tile is purchased direct from the manufacture and is either a discontinued style, seconds, imperfect box, or end of the year reduction.  All tiles are not seconds and some of the tile is discontinued.  If buying seconds, general waste calculation should be increased by 5%.

No Return or Exchange - All Sales Final
No tile recourse on seconds - some boxes will yield greater waste or require them to be all end cuts. 
No recourse on expectations from samples and final job looks different.  Many tile samples are high variation styles and single boxes do not often yield a proper "job sample".  It is best you view manufacture installed photos, pinterest, Houzz, or other completed jobs.


A lot of this tile is also full-body color tile. Most of the tile here is high-quality $3-7 sqft stuff. The prices reflect a discount of 50%+ and by utilizing some of the additional discounts, you can save 80%+ from the regular price.