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Discount Box Section


$5-$10 BOXES
We are adding $5, $8, and $10 boxes.  Quantities from 30-500sqft

The box quantity footage varies so the cost per sqft is different. 

Most quantity will be full pallets or less - this means you likely won't find these specials to be much more than 500sqft in a single color.

But let's say you have a rental, flip, or small project requiring 100-300 sqft, then come look at the selection.  The inventory is not posted online and it's not a massive selection....but that's not the point....it's high-quality porcelain at dirt cheap prices.  

The new $5-10 boxes are 5-10 colors at various times.  We also take some of the popular tile that sells down to low numbers and add it to the box specials.  

We also have 1-2 tiles that will be discounted to 50-80 cents per sqft.  We simply call them monthly specials and run from the first of the month till the end of the month.  If it sells out, then the monthly special is over.

If you need some quantity, we will also feature pallet deals of tile.  It will be one price for the entire pallet.  The sqft price could be anywhere from 39 cents sqft up.  It could be a hodgepodge pallet or a pallet of one color.  

The point of all this is we have options for you......and will be glad to speak with you if you need quantity for a large project. Please understand a large project is 10,000sqft+