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10 New Trucks Or Premum Poreclain Tile
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99¢ Inventory Reduction

We have reduced some of our older stock to 99 cents per sqft. Some of the tiles were $1.99sqft. It’s a great opportunity to save 20-50% in addition to our standard low price. There are many great looking tiles in the 99 cent stock.

Example, #206, #207, #208 were $7 sqft in the regular tile stores and we sold for $1.99sqft. It is now 99 cents sqft in our inventory reduction sale. That is about 85% off the original price. #206-208 is also FIRST CHOICE. The same stuff in the store without any defects – BUT we got weathered ugly packaging!!

This was outside in the rain and the cardboard boxes protecting the tile looks bad. The manufacture couldn’t send this $7 product to the stores and get their premium price with bad packaging. Great product, ugly boxes, save 85%!